Fangirls: Scenes From Modern Music Culture (2019)

A rare exploration of girls and women in music fan culture, based on hundreds of interviews with fans from Europe, Japan and the US. The book is an Amazon number one best seller and co-signed by Kim Gordon, so you should probably buy it here.

Rejoice, then, for the Vice journalist Hannah Ewens’s calm, thoughtful and illuminating study of female fandom, which not only challenges such dismissive attitudes but actively highlights and celebrates young girls, their musical obsessions and their impact on the artists they champion.” – the Guardian

“Her journalistic curiosity and willingness to camp overnight outside concert venues gives Fangirls a vibrancy… She is true to her word, listening to what the fans have to say and letting them guide her narrative, which she divides into chapters dealing with different music scenes and the multitudinous ways in which fans idolise their heroes.” – New Statesman

“A former fangirl herself, Ewens takes a far more sympathetic and appreciative look at various fandoms in contrast to their treatment by the media. There are personal anecdotes, moving interviews and contributions from critics who analyse the close bond between so many young female fans, and what drives them to be so dedicated to their favourite bands or singers.” – the Independent

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