Will This Save Me? (VICE, 2018-9)

In this series, I explore the rise of alternative therapies in our age of anxiety – from isolation tanks to equine therapy.

High Society: Xanxiety (VICE, 2018)

I was host and researcher for a film about the rise of fake Xanax among young British people struggling with their mental health.

Are You An Empath? (VICE, 2017)

I worked as host for a film about empaths, the people who believe they can feel the emotions of others as if they are their own. 

VICE Talks Film 

I'm one of the hosts for VICE Talks Film, a series of interviews with actors and directors, including Sofia Coppola and Nicolas Winding Refn.

Other onscreen interviews for VICE and Vevo include Jennifer Lawrence, Sasha Lane, and Banks.